“I was able to walk, but my left leg felt numb for years. After my session with Christina, the feeling came back! It has remained that way to this day!” – Craig

“Amazing!! My entire demeanor shifted in a positive direction, affecting all areas in my life for the better.” – Charles

“As my husband and I walked around our house repeating the words she had us say, we felt the air in the house change. She explained every detail and was fully connected. It was cleaner in a sense, and the house was calmer. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. Christina was God sent.” – George and Kim Predmore

“My experience has been propelling in the healing journey intended for me with the accurate and genuine support and assistance from Christina and her healing gifts. I highly recommend her for the wisdom and experience she holds.” – Laura

“I hobbled into Christina’s office with pain in my right hip. I walked out pain free!! She immediately linked it to a psychological issue from childhood. It was very interesting and sooo amazing!!!” – Gabrielle

“Every time I work with Christina, I have one breakthrough after another. I feel so empowered!” – Charlotte

“I haven’t felt this at peace in a very long time.” T

“Christina went to core issues with laser like precision! She has helped me to move forward in my life in a powerful way!”Carly

“I got more in one session with Christina than five sessions with my psychologist!”Nathan

“After months of feeling sick, visiting three different Doctors and two different hospitals with no results, Christina was the only person I could share the details of my symptoms with. She told me to lie down, close my eyes. I couldn’t explain what I was feeling because I never felt anything like it before, but I hadn’t felt that good in almost a year! What a gift she has! I am grateful to have crossed paths with you my friend!” D Blackey

Christina, this is the best I’ve felt in possibly my whole life. You truly have a gift!  I don’t know how to thank you.V.

No offense to my therapist, she is wonderful, but I got more out of our hour and a half than years of on and off therapy. — D

After our session, I slept for 14 hours! When I woke up I felt like I was the person I came in as before all of the abuse I suffered in the past. Now I feel free to move forward.  Thank you so much Christina. — Will