I can help you empower yourself, break free from the grip of pain and fear, and move forward.

Allow me to help you improve relationships, clear negative energy, overcome anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Christina Eckert has been performing intuitive energy healing by bringing emotional and physical balance back into peoples lives for over twenty-five years.

She has trained with some of the most profound healers of our time as well as Dr. Kam Yuen, master of Chinese Energetic Medicine. Christina has incorporated her own natural healing abilities with several other healing modalities resulting in a powerful healing experience.

Each session lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. During that time Christina releases energetic blocks that could be affecting emotional, physical or mental balance in your life. The end result is the restoration of your energies that have become weak, and clarity of the mind bringing about a transformation in the quality of your life. Each session includes a Chakra Clearing as well! The clients will lie down in a quiet place where Christina will channel and direct the flow of energies to clear blockages remotely or in person.

When Christina is finished, she will discuss with you in length, what has been released and what changes you can expect to see in the future. What has been released is no longer serving a purpose for you, and she helps you see that!!

Christina Eckert is also the Author of “Winning Against The Wackos In Your Life: How to Spot Them and Stop Them in Their Tracks”, a survival guide! “It’s written for the good guys who wear their hearts on their sleeves, and are later pulling the knives out of their backs!” It was “overwhelmingly” received via radio, newspaper, magazine and television interviews throughout the United States and Canada upon its release.

Healing Session

Release those harmful energetic blocks that might be affecting the emotional, physical, or mental balance in your life. Each session includes a Chakra clearing.

Land and Home Clearing

The necessary types of herbs, many of which have been used since biblical times, along with charcoal for smudging
will be mailed to the client. Christina will then assist the client in the use of these herbs to clear the energy of the space.
Prayers and affirmations will also be part of the cleansing ceremony.